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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Barnas Brannstasjon named for a Thea Award!

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The Themed Entertainment Association announced the recipients of the 18th Annual Thea Awards today from the TEA booth at the IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando. Among the awardees: Barnas Brannstasjon (Children's Fire Station) at Kongeparken, Norway. GW Group provided special effects production and concept development consultation to this attraction. We offer our sincere congratulations to Haakon Lund, owner of Kongeparken and everyone on the team who helped make this a unique and successful guest experience. The Thea Award is a huge industry honor - it's considered the "Oscar" of themed entertainment.

Here's what the Thea Awards Nominating Committee had to say about Barnas Brannstasjon: "This adorable, free-standing attraction combines playful fun with a serious and important educational experience. Although created on a limited budget, the artistry and craftsmanship of Barnas Brannstasjon is both excellent and charming on a world class level. And yet it conveys deadly serious information about fire safety with fantasy play in a way that treats children with respect, by giving them adult responsibility. The experience transforms its young participants into empowered leaders and authorities on fire safety. And in the process, they had a ton of fun. This experience, combining serious education with world-class entertainment, exemplifies the highest standards of themed entertainment."

Read more about it in the press release from the GW Group at this link.

To find out about all the Thea Awards projects, see the TEA press release at this link.

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